High Purity Quartz Clear Glass Sheet for UV Disfection

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PRODUCT INTRODUCTION – High temperature resistance – Corrosion resistance – Good thermal stability – Good light transmission performance – Electrical insulation performance is good – One to one consulation and professional guidance – Shape, size, finsh & design can customized as request – Anti-glare/Anti-reflective/Anti-fingerprint/Anti-microbial are available here What is Quartz Glass? Quartz glass is an extremely versatile material used in a range of different applications. It has outstanding thermal properties, excellent optical transmission, with good electricaland corrosion performance. Production of Fused Silica or Quartz Glass There are two basic ways of making quartz / silica glass: By melting silica grains either by gas or electrical heating (the type of heating affects some optical properties). This material can be transparent or, for some applications, opaque. By synthesising the glass from chemicals The Difference between Fused Silica and Quartz Glass This synthetic material, normally referred to as synthetic fused silica, has better optical properties and is somewhat more expensive than the other type. In the UK, terms such as quartz, silica, fused quartz and fused silica tend to be used interchangeably. In the USA, quartz refers to material melted from grains, silica refers to the synthetic material. Quartz, silica, fused quartz and fused silica tend to be used interchangeably. In the USA, quartz refers to material melted from grains, silica refers to the synthetic material. Sizes of Quartz Glass Plate/Quartz Glass Slab : Thickness: 1-100mm (max) Length and width: 700 * 600mm (max ) Diameter: 10-500mm(max) Parameter/Value JGS1 JGS2 JGS3 Maximum Size <Φ200mm <Φ300mm <Φ200mm Transmission Range (Medium transmission ratio) 0.17~2.10um (Tavg>90%) 0.26~2.10um (Tavg>85%) 0.185~3.50um (Tavg>85%) Fluorescence (ex 254nm) Virtually Free Strong v-b Strong V-B Melting Method Synthetic CVD Oxy-hydrogen melting Electrical melting Applications Laser substrate: Window, lens, prism, mirror… Semiconductor and high temperature window IR & UV substrate    FACTORY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER VISITING & FEEDBACK  All MATERIALS USED ARE COMPLIANT WITH ROHS III (EUROPEAN VERSION), ROHS II  (CHINA VERSION), REACH  (CURRENT VERSION)

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