Glass silk-screen printing and UV printing

Glass silk-screen printing and UV printing   Process Glass silk-screen printing works by transferring the ink to glass using screens. UV printing, also known as UV curing printing, is a printing process that utilizes UV light to instantly cure or dry ink. The printing principle is similar to that of an ordinary inkjet printer.   Difference Silk-screen printing can only print one color at a time. If we need to print multiple colors, we need to create multiple screens to print different colors separately.  UV printing can print multiple colors at a time.   Silk-screen printing cannot print gradient colors. UV printing can print brightly and beautiful colors, and can print gradient colors in one go.   Finally, let’s talk about the adhesive force. when silk-screen printing, we add curing agent to make the ink better adsorbed on the glass surface. It will not fall off without using a sharp tool to scrape it. Although UV printing spray a coating similar to a curing agent on the glass surface, but it will also fall off easily, so we apply a layer of varnish after printing to insulate and protect the colors.