Factory best selling Anti Slip Glass Walkway - Screen Cover Glass Sheet – Saida

1. Details: length 300mm, width 280mm, thickness 1.1mm, chemical tempering,non-rectangle shape, the black frame with a rectangle window for screen, a circle of semi-transparent white for showing the light, by quite special edge shaping technique . Welcome to custom your design.
2. Processing: From cutting raw material – glass sheet into little pieces to making chemical tempering treatment, the processing procedures are done in our factory. And so is the screen printing step. The production volume reaches 2k – 3k per day. For customized request, that coating anti-fingerprint, anti-reflective (AR) and anti-glare (AG) on the clear surface is workable.
3. Better performance than acrylic glass (acrylic, actually a kind of plastic panel) in yellow resistance ability. The glass frame has a shiny crystal look. Adding a panel of glass to your light switch is just like adding an elegant design to your product, to create the more popular item in market.
Application :
Be a protector for the screen and the touch panel. Different printed colors fit to electronics.