Factory Supply Microwave Oven Glass Plate - Clear Glass Panel – Saida

1. Details: length 80mm, width 80mm, thickness 3mm, black color frame with a transparent window for screen, silver printed logo and buttons, clear surface, well-polished straight flat edge with chamfer 0.5mm. Welcome to custom your design.
2. Processing: From cutting raw material – glass sheet into little pieces to making physical/heat tempering treatment, the processing procedures are done in our factory. And so is the screen printing step. The production volume reaches 2k – 3k per day. For customized request, that coating anti-fingerprint on the clear surface is workable, this keeps it dirt resistant and fingerprint resistant.
3. Better performance than acrylic glass (acrylic, actually a kind of plastic panel) in yellow resistance ability. The glass panel has a shiny crystal look. Adding a panel of glass to your light switch is just like adding an elegant design to your product, to create the more popular item in market.
Be a decoration on water / tea boiler faceplate and help to improve the touch control function, instead of pressing keys. Majorly the black and the white color are used to fit the production appearance. Widely used on the small appliance, such as in air quality monitor, panel heater controller, home security access set, etc.

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