Tempered Cover Glass

Product Name Wall Switches/Card Reader Tempered Front Cover Glass
Material Clear/Ultra Clear Float Glass, Low-e Glass, Frosted Glass(Acid Etched Glass), Tinted glass, Borosilicate Glass, Ceramic Glass, AR glass, AG glass, AF glass, ITO glass, etc.
Size Customize and per drawing
Thickness 0.33-12mm
Shape Customize and per drawing
Edge Polishing Straight, Round, Bevelled, Stepped; Polished, Grinded, CNC
Tempering Chemical Tempering, Thermal Tempering
Printing Silk Screen Printing – Customize
Coating Anti-glare/Anti-reflective/Anti-fingerprint/Anti-scratches
Package Paper intelayer, then wrapped by kraft paper then placed in Safely Export Wooden Case
Main Products 1. Panel Heater Glass
2. Screen Protector Glass
3. ITO Glass
4. Wall Switch Frame Glass
5. Light Cover Glass
Application Home Appliance/Hotel/Tea Shop

Product Packaging

1 2 3

1. Divider each glass by Paper interlayer

2. Then wrapped by kraft paper

3.Place appropriate glass qty in Safely Export Wooden Case